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The Mourning Dove and His Snow Sparrow by Eve Healy

The Mourning Dove and His Snow Sparrow
Eve Healy
May 12, 2023

This is a work of fiction, but it does contain depictions and mentions of blood, hunting, gun violence, injured animals, suicidal ideation, and death.

Callum has lived almost his entire life in the secluded forests of the North, where his only company was his sickly mother and the animals in the area. As he grew up, rather than his mother tending to him, he was tending to her. One snowy evening, upon returning to their cabin after gathering firewood, Callum found his mother had passed. Callum is now completely alone.

After his mother's death, he simply goes through the motions, doing just enough, so he doesn’t freeze to death in the harsh winters and keep himself fed. Otherwise, though, Callum doesn’t see much point in life. However, his world is turned completely on its head when he finds an injured fox sparrow on his way back from gathering firewood. Desperate to save the creature, he takes it back to his cabin but, upon doing so, finds that the little bird can turn into a winged man named Aurear. Though this stranger is odd, to say the least, Callum is desperately drawn to him.

Having spent so long alone and in the cold, Callum can’t help but be drawn to Aurear’s warmth. But Aurear’s existence is an anomaly, and with this new creature flying around, it’s not long before bloody-thirsty eyes are turned toward Callum’s quiet home in the forest. Though he couldn’t save his mother, Callum is willing to risk everything to protect the warmth Aurear has given him.

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The Mourning Dove and His Snow Sparrow

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